About Us

G-Mac Apparel is the clothing line of 2010 U.S Open Champion Graeme McDowell.

The story of the collection began in 2011, when the idea of launching a clothing line was hatched by Graeme McDowell and Karl Swan of Kartel. The company began as G-Mac by Kartel and evolved to G-Mac Apparel in 2016. 

Graeme had always been renowned for his style on the golf course but to that point had not developed his own line.

From there development began to create a stylish, performance focused clothing line which harked back to a time of understated sophistication. Everything in the range revolves around three main principles; superior craftsmanship, performance fabrics and a modern vintage style.

Graeme’s collaboration with a collection of the finest craftsmen and tailors ensured an exceptional focus on cut and details, while also giving a nod to Graeme’s trademark modern vintage style. The worldwide search for the finest fabrics resulted in the highest quality yarns being chosen for the range; responsive, lightweight, intuitive to your every movement, yet strong enough to withstand any climate.

Over the years Graeme had built an impressive collection of beautifully crafted pieces and when it came to developing his own line he was determined the design would meet the high standards to which he was accustomed. 

The G-Mac collection has been designed specifically to have a stylish, sophisticated, luxury upmarket feel. 

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